On April 24th 1999 I lost my Father. February 2001 I was involved in an accident that almost took my life and broke my leg in the process and no one believed I could ever walk with my leg ever again even if I managed to survive. Dropped out of school and no hope of […]

Spend Wisely

Choose how you spend you wisely since you can’t turn back the hands of time. Remember the choices you make today will become the bed you sleep on tomorrow. If you don’t understand where your life is headed, give it a new direction. You’re better off late but at the best place for you than […]

Quote Of The Day

“When we complain of having to do the same thing over and over, let us remember that God does not send new trees, strange flowers and different grasses every year. When the spring winds blow, they blow in the same way. In the same places the same dear blossoms lift up the same sweet faces, […]